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The Beeches was bought in 1988 by the Window’s family who still own and run the Care home to this day. Matthew Windows has been the current manager for 10 years and has completed many training courses ranging from Dementia care, medication management, to completing NVQ 2, 3 & 4 plus his RMA (Registered Managers award).

Julie Windows is the Proprietor and also assistant manager. Julie has also completed many various training courses over the past 28 years. Janet Windows, Matthew’s Grandmother and Julie’s Mother still likes to help out and enjoy the company of the residents. Janet regularly takes part in activities and entertainment with our residents.

As a family we have always been very close and over the course of the last 28 years have employed other family members who have supported us from managing the gardens and maintenance to being the manager of the home for many years before Matthew took over the role.

We are simply in this line of work because we enjoy helping others.

The Beeches is  situated on the main High Street in Hanham, Bristol, on the A431. Close to bus stops, Hanham Library, the post office, local shops, and Hanham Baptist Church we are close to all needs. Hanham Methodist church is approx 500 yards away, and they visit The Beeches for a church service every third Thursday of the month.

The Beeches facilities

We have a large rear lounge with patio doors leading onto the garden and patio area, this is the activities/entertainment room, which has TV, DVD, stereo and CD player. We have outside activities, such as keyboard players, singers, as well as in-house activities, such as exercise sessions, bingo, quizzes, puzzles, pampering sessions with nails manicured and varnished (if required), bar skittles, skittles, musical afternoons and other activities.

But not everyone wants to take part in activities, and as we would always ask every resident if they would like to join in. We fully respect their wishes if they would like to people watch or sit in peace in another lounge away from the hussle and bussle of the activities.

There is an additional small lounge by the rear lounge, which is a quieter area, or lounge chairs in the front dining room for quite moments, or visitors, which has a TV in for the residents who wish to watch it in the day time, but do not want to stay in their bedrooms. There is a second dining room.

There is a cordless telephone for residents to receive calls, and a payphone in the hallway. If the resident wishes to have a telephone in their bedroom, it is the responsibility or the resident/representatives for installation and telephone charges. And due to the monthly charges people have often been using a mobile phone if your relative is able to use one very handy and much cheaper to use.

There are 5 communal toilets on the ground floor, a shower room with a seat and a sit in bath, which can also be used as a shower. Eight single bedrooms are located on the ground floor, all close to, or next to toilets. There is also a shared bedroom with en-suite toilet facilities on the ground floor. All toilets have rails and bars to assist residents with mobilising.

A vertical lift is available to the first floor, which has seven single bedrooms with en-suite toilet, and a shared room with en-suite. Four additional single rooms are close to the 2 communal toilets on the first floor. There is a shower room, and a bathroom with a parker bath. Four of the bedrooms on the first floor have a few steps to them with handrails both sides, and are suitable for more mobile residents, but staff assist residents to their rooms if required.

All bedrooms have emergency call bells, and are also situated in en-suite toilets. Bedrooms also have wash basin, and covered radiator with a thermostatic control valve. Residents are encouraged to bring in personal items, and we can also accommodate residents furniture such as a favourite chair, TV (provided it is of reasonable standard for safety reasons). It is the representatives responsibility to bring in any residents items, and remove them when the resident leaves the home. We shall remove any items that are going to be replaced with the residents own items prior to them bringing them in.

Residents are welcome to keep their original GP, provided they will visit our area, but we do request that if a resident needs to visit their surgery or hospital visit, and requires accompanying, then the representative/family arranges this, due to reduction of staffing levels at The Beeches. (This is in the residents contract). As we are only a small care home we must ensure the staffing levels are correct at all times.

If an ambulance has to be called for, either by 999 or arranged by the GP, the resident will travel with the ambulance crew, and the family/representatives notified at the earliest opportunity. In exceptional circumstances, i.e. if the resident has no family or friends to travel el with them to hospital appointments, and the resident is unable to travel on their own, then The Beeches will try to arrange a member of staff to travel with them (with the resident meeting any costs incurred). This is not possible for 999 calls or sudden hospital admissions.

We have several GPs in the local area, where they will visit, and arrange any other specialist visit required by the resident. i.e. district nurses. If a resident needs a new GP, then we will do a temporary transfer form for the first four weeks, and if the resident is staying with us, a permanent transfer form is done. The temporary GP will not have any medical records on a new resident, so we ask families/representatives to obtain some information from their previous GP, until their records are through.

Visits from opticians can be arranged, but dental appointments are very difficult to obtain, so if a resident is already on a dentist list, it may be wise for them to remain on it. We have a visiting hairdresser every week, and a chiropodist every six weeks, both with very reasonable charges.


As well as our manager and owners we have 2 deputies, one who has started to do her NVQ 5 in management, with the aim of taking over as manager, and another staff who wants to start her NVQ5 shortly. There is senior staff on duty at all times, with 11 staff that have their NVQ2 and over, and 2 staff are shortly starting their NVQ 3.  Four staff are doing Team Leading training, and one medication management training via NCFE.

The care staff are keyworkers to residents who update care plans, help with baths/showers, record their weight, and can assist with any queries that the residents or families may have, and carry out lots of other tasks within the home. To support the care staff, we have cleaners who deep clean bedrooms, and general cleaning of the rooms, laundry duties etc. Also a cook, who is currently doing nutrition and hydration training.

There is a waking member of staff during the night, with a second person on sleeping duty for emergencies. The waking staff give residents the security of knowing someone is around 24 hours a day, and they walk around the home hourly, and do regular checks for the residents safety.

General information

Visitors are welcome at all reasonable hours, but are asked to avoid mealtimes if possible. Residents who smoke are welcome to do so in the garden, but we ask that the Beeches remain a smoke free zone. We ask that all visitors refrain from smoking while at the Beeches. Residents are welcome to go out with friends and family at any time, but we ask that we are informed for safety/security reasons.

There are approximately 18 full and part time staff. Four of the care staff have NVQ 2 and 3, and 11 staff have their NVQ 2, 1staff working towards her NVQ 2, and 2 staff doing NVQ3 . Staff training is ongoing and as well as NVQ, recent training has included first aid, moving and handling, safeguarding adult alerter, and infection control. New staff once they start working at The Beeches, complete their care assistant induction incorporating common induction standards. This ensures that staff are receiving ongoing tuition at The Beeches and shows the homes commitment to ongoing training. All relevant employment checks are carried out including a DBS check which all staff working with vulnerable adults must have before working on a one to one basis.

Who we can support  

The Beeches are registered with South Gloucestershire council & Care Quality Commission for 23 elderly residents and have some flexibility with age range, and range of care that we are able to support in the home. As many of our staff have done training in dementia care we can care for residents who suffer from age related dementia/Alzheimer’s. While nursing requirements cannot be carried out by the staff at The Beeches, the district nursing team can be accessed to give assistance with residents requiring nursing input (Such as taking bloods for example).

We can cater for many condition’s that can come when you are older. Poor,  limited or slow  mobility, forgetfulness, continence issues, people being isolated and alone at home on their own.  Even with the most helpful and supportive family, not many people can be with a elderly person all day every day. We understand the strain this can cause for both the families and person concerned.

Being in our home people are always  in a secure environment. This does not mean people are not free to walk about and enjoy other areas of the home such as our quiet lounge or garden. But we make sure people are in a home that feels like their own, a family home with the reassurance that  someone is there if you need a hand, or to answer the phone or door bell.

If any therapeutic/ hostilic techniques are required by the resident outside of the NHS, The Beeches will try to give assistance obtaining them, but will have to be funded by the resident.

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