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What’s on the menu at The Beeches?

There are few things in life more important than sharing enjoyable meals with friends and companions.

Our menus change often, but while in place they are repeated on a four-week cycle. If you would like to know which weekly menu we are currently using, please check with staff. Most if not all of our meals are decided by the residents and sometimes by the visitors if they provide advice and this is agreed with the residents. The menu is always brought up at residents meetings (which visitors are always welcome to attend).

Why do we do this? it’s important to ensure we provide choice, having something on the menu no one likes beats the objective of having any choice in the first place. We also have to take into account the 5-7 a day at the same time. We could add a menu example on here but as the menu changes it would be better to give you a idea on here what we have on the menu’s.

  1. Home cooked Roast meals. Twice a week (Wed & Sunday)  Agreed with the residents they would like roasts on these days. With a choice of alternatives if people don’t want a roast.
  2. Fish and chips on a Friday. Always a favourite by all and will be different fish every Friday (from fish in sauce, Batter, bread crumbs etc… )
  3. Evening menu’s can consist of omelettes, Soups and sandwiches, something on toast (beans, cheese, Spaghetti  etc..) , jacket potato’s and fillings,  Crumpets, Caesar salad, Hot dogs and Onions, Toasted tea cakes.
  4. Breakfast consists of Cereals, Toast, Bread & Butter, Tea, Coffee, Juices & fruit
  5. Supper will be Hot drinks and Sandwiches if required.

As well as preparing meals for people who are diabetic, Lactose intolerant, or have other needs due to allergies or religious requirements.

There is always a huge range of meals and we do our upmost to ensure they are not repeated often so there is plenty of choice. What you have a choice of today you won’t tomorrow. Unless you want this. Some people like just Soup and sandwiches on a evening. And if that is what they want, we do our best to ensure this is what they get.

The managers biggest Bug bear is waste, and this is discussed at the residents meetings often and agreed by the residents. . We want to ensure you have the portion size you require. So we know how much to prepare. . If you want a large portion of food then we do our best to make sure you get this. The same goes for people with smaller appetites and portions.

All our food is fresh and prepared by our cooks on site. Being family run we also source our produce from local stores and pick them ourselves to ensure you are getting good quality food.

If you have any food allergies or sensitivities then please talk to the cook, staff or management when you visit / before your stay with us.

Speak to us about your care home wishes & requirements.

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