7 benefits for residents of The Beeches


It is our primary objective to offer high quality care in an atmosphere that is both homely and therapeutic.


Residents entrusted into our care are afforded the understanding, dignity and self-respect that are their right.


Our dedicated team of staff receive on-going assessments to ensure that a consistently high standard of care is given.


Staff are encouraged to be responsive to, and make provisions for expressions of individuality from each of the residents who live in our home. It is essential residents be allowed to exercise the right of choice. Where the resident is unable to make decisions the representation of advocacy should be available.


All staff are encouraged to develop an understanding and knowledge of each resident’s previous life experiences and to place a value upon their knowledge.

Social Interaction

Opportunities are given to enhance the quality of life by offering residents the chance to participate in activities inside and outside of the home. Friendships and relationships with other residents should wherever possible be encouraged.

Spiritual Comfort

Residents spiritual and religious beliefs are fully respected and encouraged whenever possible. Ministers of various denominations visit and provide services within the home on a regular basis.

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